Flash Brew Coffee

September 6, 2016



A good way to measure a cup of coffee is how it tastes cold or at room temperature. As a cup of coffee slowly cools, nuances and flaws that were not apparent before start to appear. Put through the test, a good cup of coffee will shine at room temperature and a poor cup of coffee will be nearly unpalatable.


Flash brewing accelerates this concept, it takes it to the next level. Flash brewing is a brewing method in where coffee is intentionally chilled as fast as possible. This is done to lock in the flavours and brew a drink that can be enjoyed cold or over ice. 


In case you are getting ideas, this is not the same as taking coffee brewed in a hot pot & generously plopping ice cubes in it. Flash brewing as it name suggests is intentional & immediate.


Flash brewing can be achieved by any of the standard brewing methods, however the most prevalent ones are pour overs and Aeropress recipes. If you do own a french press or siphon, try it out, it should work as well.


To prepare flash brewed coffee what you will need is

  1. A brewing device

  2. A brewing vessel

  3. A favourite coffee recipe

  4. Ice to the weight of 1/2 or 1/3 of the water weight

Brew the coffee over the top of the ice which cools the coffee and completely melts the ice. The cooled coffee is then poured into a glass with fresh ice and enjoyed.


In the coming blog posts, i'll share the Chemex & Aeropress method of flash brewing.

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