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Feeling a little adventurous with your Coffee?

August 17, 2016

If you are feeling a little adventurous with your coffee & the huge variety of coffee cocktails/mocktails wouldn't do the trick? Here's a list of 5 of the weirdest things people put in their coffee.








While the thought of dolloping butter in your coffee might seem a little strange for most of us, it's fast growing as a popular fad.


Some claim that it not only enriches the flavour of your gourmet coffee, but adding butter to your coffee also promotes weight loss. The fat in the butter is meant to keep you full for longer.


Maybe i'll just go with butter toast instead?





This one is acquired taste. Raw oatmeal is poured into a cup of hot coffee, the heat of the coffee cooks the oatmeal. It's like breakfast on the go. Coffee + Breakfast in one cup.


I suppose it will work well on your next backpacking trip when you are travelling light?





This can be traced to Scandinavia in where the there is a tradition of mixing ground coffee beans with egg whites referred to as Lutheran Church Coffee. There isn't any religious significance attached to this.


Egg whites supposedly clarifies the coffee by allowing stronger separation between coffee grounds and water. This gives a purer coffee with a nice shade of amber, a dose of fat free protein & a unique taste.






This is not your classic i-mixed-up-the-sugar-with-the-salt story. Throwing in a pinch of salt into your coffee can greatly enhance the taste of your coffee as it balances the bitterness. It's said that it works best in Iced lattes, where a little salt brings out the sweetness.


Some say the tradition originated from the US Navy in where salt was used to negate the very strong coffee that they take while others believe that it originates from Ethiopia, the long tradition of drinking salty coffee.





You've probably heard of coconut syrup to enhance the flavour of your coffee, just like caramel syrup. But we are not too sure of using coconut oil. I mean it's known for it's various benefits mainly moisturizing & cooking, but in your coffee?


It is said that coconut oil not only enhances the taste of your coffee but it gives you several health benefits. If you're cutting carbs or watching the scales, a spoonful of coconut oilis recommended for your coffee to speed up your metabolism, boost your immune system & leave you feeling more energised. 



There you have it, 5 ways to have your coffee for days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed!




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