Good coffee only comes out of an espresso machine!

July 27, 2016

Fact or myth? MYTH! If you have been reading coffee for a while you would know. For the longest time, I believed in it as well. I was sure that the only way to go when it comes to coffee brewing was to invest in a fancy espresso machine. 


In my quest for better coffee, i have invested in several of this machines, upgrading every time i feel i need to enhance my coffee experience. To have the best coffee experience you need to match the right beans with the right brewing method.


The taste that you get out of brewing, is like having wine, it's unique to each individual. The same coffee bean can taste differently when brewed using Aeropress vs using Espresso machines and appeal to different people. 


To satisfy my coffee needs today, i brew using several different methods, depending on the flavour of the day, the time I have etc. I toggle between the Aeropress, French Press & an Espresso Machine.


The espresso machine is the most expensive of the lot, so if you are going a little tight on cash, try the Aeropress & slowly upgrade from there. If you are one of those that frequent local cafes in the long run, you will save on the additional bucks that you are paying for premium coffee.


What's more, brewing your own coffee gives you the chance to explore, the intensity & acidity of coffee to name a few. Go ahead, invest in a brewer today, you won't regret it!

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