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Different kind of drunk

July 24, 2016


Can you get drunk (ok maybe not drunk but a little buzzed) from having too much coffee? I first heard this line from my brother about a month ago when i upgraded his coffee experience from instant coffee to Nespresso.


It's a bit too strong for me that i'm feeling a little high (mind you, the brother is kind of immune to alcohol). I didn't really believe this, i mean yes it's caffeine & that's a kind of drug yadda yadda, but to get a little high from a cup of innocent coffee seemed a little absurd.


Last weekend i attended a coffee appreciation workshop, as it's name suggests, once is expected to appreciate coffee after the session. I must say I was not so prepared for the session, as I went in for the session having had 3 cups of coffee (my usual weekend morning indulgence). 


Wanting to make most out of the session, I quickly raised my hand to try the different beans, brew, intensity you name it, i tried it. Needless to say after several shots/cups i did feel a little buzzed. It was a little hard to stomach for a coffee drinker like me, what could be in that innocent brew?


I'm still not too sure what it was, too much coffee? The hangover from the night before? I can't tell..

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