Fancy a Chemex Brew?

June 28, 2016


The Chemex brewing method gives you a clean & aromatic delicious cup of coffee. I know Friends who swear by this method & insist that the best brews are Chemex brew. If you have a Chemex brewer at home or planning to get one below is a simple step by step instruction for that perfect brew!



Step 1

Heat 2 cups of water to 96 degrees celcius. (You can also achieve this by boiling it & letting it rest for 30 seconds.


Step 2

Grind 30 grams or beans to medium consistency. (Approximately 2 tablespoons)


Step 3

Open a paper filter & place it in the brewer. Rinse the filter with half cup of water, this will pre-heat the filter.


Step 4

Put grounds in the filter & pour enough water to saturate them. Let it sit & "bloom" for one minute allowing bubbles of carbon dioxide to gas-off


Step 5

Once the "bloom" is complete, gently pour the water over the coffee in either a side-by-side or circular motion. Saturate the grounds evenly & completely.


Once the coffee is fully filtered toss the grounds and enjoy!






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