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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

June 19, 2016


You haven't tasted great coffee, if you haven't had the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. This amazing arabica coffee originates from Ethiopia, you can count on having a cuppa as exotic as it's origins!


Aspreso aims to bring the goodness of the original Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee to fellow coffee connoisseurs in this part of the world. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe ranks amongst the best coffee in the world. It comes from the Sidamo region in Southern Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee.


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe has a very clean taste, a distinctively fruity flavour and floral aroma as the beans are cultivated at high elevation (between 5,800 to 6,600 ft).


Only the best beans are hand picked during harvest, then processed, milled and stored in the right conditions to maintain the integrity and quality of the beans. The beans are only roasted right before they are packaged in heat sealed bags to lock in the goodness, the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe has to offer.


It's floral and citrus profile makes Yirgacheffe ideal not only as your perfect cup of coffee at any time of the day but also fares well as cold brew or iced coffee.


The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - like no other coffee, You know when you're drinking Yirgacheffe!

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