For that perfect espresso shot!

February 5, 2016

Without a doubt the key to a perfectly brewed cuppa is a great espresso shot. With coffee machines becoming more and more affordable, getting that perfect cup of espresso is no more just for a barista. We will take you through a few simple steps for you to start enjoying the goodness of perfectly brewed coffee from the comfort of your home.


A well extracted shot will bring out the subtle traits and earthy undertones of a coffee blend. The coffee would not be bitter or acidic, rather balanced in its flavour.


Step 1 - Freshly ground coffee

 Begin with freshly ground coffee. Ideally ground coffee should be no more than 5 weeks old from the roast date - ideally 1 week to 10 days old.


For 2 cups of coffee you will need about 14 - 16 grams of coffee.






Step 2 - Load the filter cup holder


Load the filter with the ground coffee and level it with your finger or a leveller. Ensure that you do not press it too hard, just right to evenly distribute it.


Fix the filter to your coffee machine.





Step 3 - Extract your espresso shot

Ideally your shot should pour out of the machine for 25 to 30 seconds.


However this does depend on other factors and preference.






There you have it, the perfect espresso shot! Couple this with my previous post on steaming milk & make yourself a cup of coffee!


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