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Steam Milk like a Barista!

February 2, 2016


A good cup of coffee, is a silky creamy shot of espresso & perfectly steamed milk.


To get that perfect brew at home, follow our simple steps below on how to steam milk, in no time you will be brewing like a pro!







 Step 1 - Fill jug with milk

Fill milk in a jug until slightly below the jug spout. Use the red line as an indication.





Step 2 - Milk Stretching

Stretching is when you turn the steam on, on the machine & have the nozzle of the steam wand below the surface of the milk, making a hissing sound. The nozzle should be just a fraction under the surface of the milk to create foam while making the milk spin in a whirlpool motion. This process should last about 5 seconds or so.


Step 3 - "Whirlpooling"

 The next step, "whirlpooling" is when you submerge the steam wand nozzle another fraction below the milk — literally half a centimetre — and continue to spin the milk in a whirlpool motion. The key is to pour the milk along side your cup by resting the spout of the jug on the top of your cup. You should hear no hissing sound, other than the occasional leftover bubble being eaten up by the steam wand. To get the perfect whirlpool, tilt the jug a little.






Keep spinning the milk until the jug becomes too hot to touch or around 60 degrees celsius. 


Step 4 - Rest

After removing the jug from the nozzle, give it a thump on the counter to remove any air bubble. Let is rest while you prepare your espresso shots. Before pouring the milk into the mug, swirl the milk around the jug a little to get a polished finish.


Step 5 - Pour

The final process is to pour the well spun milk into a mug. The foam will pour out of the jug first, pour the milk at a steady pace. Pour the milk along side your cup by resting the spout of the jug on the top of your cup.






You've just mastered the art of steaming perfect milk for your your favourite brew.

I'll share the secret to a perfect espresso in my next post, till then BREW you later! 




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