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Get the Coffee Roasters with Complimentary 1kg Premium  Arabica Green BeansSelect your preferred Arabica Green Beans from our options .

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Take your coffee roasting experience to another level with the Hario coffee roaster.


For fresh, aromatic and delicious coffee this device is a must-have. Coffee enthusiast swear by having freshly roasted coffee beans by their side. This particular device stands out from regular coffee roasters because of its manual functionality and makes an excellent travelling companion so you can be assured of freshly brewed coffee at all times.


The Hario coffee roaster allows the brewer to roast coffee beans manually within 15 minutes, using a rotational handle. The handle ensures that the beans roast precisely the way you want them to.

What's more, the Hario coffee roaster comes with an alcohol heater allowing you to take this beautiful device on a trip so you can enjoy roasting the coffee beans anywhere. The roaster is beautifully designed and looks fantastic on display at home or cafe.


A real talking piece, this one!

The Gene Cafe Roaster is an excellent roaster that produces about 250grams of uniformly roasted coffee. It uses a unique vortex twisting, off-axis chamber rotation which assures complete distribution of green coffee during roasting. This motion gives the roasted coffee it's uniform color.


The Gene Cafe Roaster is an excellent home roaster or can be used as a commercial coffee roaster for startup cafe's.


Get the Gene Coffee Roaster Manual here.

Gene Cafe Roaster in Action